Hi, I'm Jonas Freelance Software Engineer from W├╝rzburg ­čĹő

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Preferred Technologies

I see myself as a Frontend developer. But I'm not afraid to get involved in the Backend as well. So far, I have gained the most experience with React. But I am also open to other JavaScript libraries.

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My character traits that are crucial in projects


  • Communication skills

    As a native German speaker and fluent in English, I find it easy to communicate with team members and thereby eliminate or communicate potential problems in advance.

  • Time Management

    With the help of tools like Reclaim, Jira and todoist, I always have my tasks at a glance and can complete tasks on schedule using time blocking techniques.

  • Flexibility

    I am used to new projects and work environments, so I hardly need any time to settle in.

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Happy customers

Senior Scientist Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS) Thomas Dettbarn

Thomas Dettbarn

Senior Scientist Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS)

Jonas supported us in the subproject V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) within the program ÔÇť5G-Bavaria TestcenterÔÇť as a freelance software developer. In doing so, he implemented the frontend application of the subproject using NextJS. We were particularly satisfied with the speedy implementation, good documentation and test coverage of the written code. To this day, we are thrilled with the stability of the developed application. In addition to the implementation of the frontend, he also advised us on the integration of CI/CD pipelines and pointed out optimization potentials in agile working with tools like Jira and GitLab. His open and pragmatic way made communication with the backend teams very easy and enabled fast integration of new features. He also mentored junior developers in an exemplary manner and enabled them to continuously develop themselves through knowledge transfer and mentoring, so that they could take over the project independently after his departure. We really appreciated working with Jonas and are happy to recommend him!

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